Peter (author) from Australia on May 01, 2016: @Ron firstly let me apologize for the tardiness in replying to your great Magpie post :). There are two thoughts that came into my mind about your Magpie family not turning up: 1) They got a better offer somewhere else, the mince might have tasted better :). During breeding, the male stands guard near the female to reduce the chance she’ll mate with another male (which does occur). If the birds relocate, will they come back to see me? They sit in the trees calling and I walk outside and whistle and they come down. The baby magpie that you see in the nest high in the tree is at our estimate only 1 week old, if you look closely it's eyes are not yet fully open. Magpies stay within the same 40km radius and usually choose a territory very close to the one within which they were born. I hope that not too much damage was done to your property and Magpie family ? I believe that Magpies do have a way of understanding / communicating with we humans, if we take the time to listen and observe their behavour ! I'm sorry i've not posted sooner but i now have a little possum that comes just before dusk every night lol he/she is blind in one eye :( ..not quite an adult yet ..loving our Aussie babies lol ..oh and by the way I managed to make it to the G last nite to see a game ..go Tiges ! Plus we may not be giving them the correct nurishment that they need ? I sure hope you are adopted by a 'young' Magpie family in the very near future! One for sorrow, two for joy… this makes me think that solitary magpies are lonely and only become happy when they’re in a pair. Your Pepa and Odie sure sound like great characters and very friendly, except to the Mynas of course lol It could be the Mynas have taken 'possession' of your property but I would have thought that at worst they would co-exist or the Magpies would be a more powerful breed to drive out the Mynas ? The Vet and I had quite a discussion about the best cause of action and he even called the Wild Life authorities to get their suggestions ! I guess they have now reached puberty, and have done so coming in and out of the house if the door was left open. I have had the same neighbours all the time I have been living at my home. Things have changed a lot. Sadly not. Is the young Magpie showing any sign of distress like picking at his feet etc. However whatever happens I'm sure that your kindness in looking after the Magpies, you have cemented your place in their memories. I wrote this in response (loosely) to a prompt from the KaiShin discord. What will happen to these birds when their home is gone? 0 1 2. Magpies are very territorial, and once they are part of … On average this is around 3 years but there have been some recordings of magpies making it into the early 20s! You can check out the recipes above or: Hawks although beautiful birds are 'hunters' and will easily capture a baby Magpie as prey. Looking forward to hearing about your 'babies'. However, as the well-known rhyme shows, it is generally only seeing a lone magpie that is supposed to bring bad luck. It appears that I might be birdist?? [10]) Several subspecies of the grey currawong are fairly distinctive and described on that species page. Once a male and female become a … That would definitely explain the reason that the younger of the three magpies seems much more confident than the other two! However the 3 main adult magpies have always missed the cars, we call them mum, dad and beakie ( beakie is the granddad, he has grey feathers around the tops of his legs and has a limp when walking and has a cracked beak. However, only around one in ten males in breeding magpie … Look forward to hearing the cheeky young one everyday knock on the door and have a crunch at any cat biscuits that may be left over! This made me wonder do magpies mate for life, and if so, just how long that might be for? If you have a story to tell, or a question to ask, about a family or individual Magpie just scroll down to the 'comment box' and leave a comment. They have many traits similar to we humans ! Unlike other birds they walk fairly upright and do not hop or waddle like most other birds. Magpies are very territorial, and once they are part of a mated pair, rarely stray far from their 12-acre borders. From what I have read the problem with 'mince meat' is the preservatives that are added , not good for the birds apparently! It will be a glorious day when they do come back to me. after two years of no babies..hopefully they are now a family of 4 or 5 . Especially not at heists. Greg and yourself seem to have found the ideal careers and I sure do wish you well in the Aquarium ! However they will share their space with other species without a problem. .. Peter (author) from Australia on November 03, 2014: Hi there @missmypinetree and sorry for being tardy with my reply. Sorry I have not replied earlier, however I sure enjoyed reading your Magpie experiences. You have found out by your own experience just how territorial Magpies become ! Over the weekend they left the nest and have managed to stay alive 3-4days so far. You may be right about the old Mum Magpie being pecked to death. It has absolutely amazed me just how many people have enjoyed an experience with a family of Magpies. BTW the nest is about 40 feet up from the ground! I'm wondering if your situation has changed since you posted ? Recently the female disappeared and returned about a week later. We don't know exactly what proportion of the summer diet of urban and suburban magpies these comprise: estimates vary between 3 per cent and 38 per cent by weight, although most estimates are at the low end of this scale. Those that aren’t part of a pair form a huge flock with other single magpies, there can be up to 200 birds in each group. That is the question? maybe there's only one ? Though in my experience the older Mapies don't remain the Alpha bird for that length of time, so your old boy is doing pretty well :). The Australian Magpies are monogamous, and would mate and breed in their respective territories that they defend against predators and other groups of magpies. Lisa, Please keep us up to date with you Magpie Family :). Usually, only 1 bird occupies the nest at a time, mainly the female during the incubation period. Then watch with great trepidation the antics of the Magpie chicks as they take their first flying lessons ! A few days later I went back and remembered to take something. Occasionally we do help them out, especially when the ground is dry, as it is a continuous job feeding the chicks but only until they can start foraging for themselves ! New Miss, named Possy, swoops on the 2 kiddies riding their new bikes on our footpath and it is not any where near breeding season. If one is seen on its own some people salute it and say: "I salute you Mr Magpie." Peter (author) from Australia on April 30, 2016: I hope that you accept my apology for the delay in replying to your marvelous Magpie story :), (and I won't hold it against you for being a Pies supporter. She has a real dynasty going there doesn't she ? Magpies generally mate for life, although the alpha male generally has more than one female with which to mate and they live as a type of family commune. We have to consider "are we saving them for their benefit or for our own enjoyment" ? We respect your privacy and will never share your email address with anyone. Peter (author) from Australia on September 21, 2016: Hi there Lorraine :) what a great Magpie story one I will remember for some time :). The mate comes to visit several times a day with another Magpie. Peter (author) from Australia on September 25, 2014: @Oldbeakie I could not agree with you more there is nothing we can gain by dwelling in the past, learn the lesson and move on ! I have two thoughts on that. Peter (author) from Australia on October 13, 2015: @Linda thank you so much for your lovely comment and also welcome to the Magpie Lovers Club :). I watched the video of little one year old. G'day there MagpieMatty and a warm welcome to Australia :) I hope you are enjoying yourself up in Brisbane! My feeling is that it is more than likely one of the offspring returning with a new family ! They are gorgeous, I do love my birds but I so wish we had the Maggie for support. Anyway, I am just so excited to have connection back so I will talk to you later. I'm sure that you will make a great foster Mum to your chicks and I suppose by now the feathers are well on the way? I think us humans need to learn a little from our wild life species, thus being the ability to let go of hardships and move on without guilt or blame, there's a lesson to learn in that. That's when I noticed dad magpie was hovering on my right side, briefly landed on my shoulder then touched down to the ground. I am very keen on watching the birds and I got my family to help make a website where I can share some of my hints, tips and tricks and share valuable information. I too had the pleasure of befriending a magpie couple who have been coming to our house every day for about a year now. Hence the Conure Chicks. I managed to get a picture of one of the babies on Monday and i logged in here to try and post it .. but Monday night one of the babies was hit by a car (i heard the commotion) .. i picked it up off the road and it 'came to' .. parents were swooping me and i was in many minds about what to do .. in hindsight i should've taken it to the AEC..i was very distressed and thinking it would be euthanased was managing to hop up the tree to as high as the fenceline .. but in tending to that baby i think the seagulls got their other baby and after speaking to a neighbour there were apparently three babies but she thinks dogs may have got the 3rd one a few weeks back. I'm not too sure but I would think that the Magpies being 'grazers' would not appreciate being the 'prey' for snakes, lizards etc.. :). I have photos of him sitting on the driveway surrounded by up to 15 maggies. its been the most beautiful relationship to watch! The male magpie was a great bird... so much personality! Aaaand never mind, they actually showed up tonight! I'm not sure if birds 'think'/ 'behave' in the same logic patterns as we humans and sometimes we just have to 'go with the flow' and enjoy their company while we can! Occasionally seen a lone female swoop straight through the backyard; if it's Mrs Magpie that seems a little unusual as she and hubby usually hang out together. She did this for about a week, then both the male and the female completely disappeared for about two weeks. Hi, I'm wondering if you can enlighten me? Magpie attacks For most of the year magpies are not aggressive, but for 4 to 6 weeks during nesting they will often defend their territory vigorously. I live on a service road on a main road and there is a strip of grass separating the service and main road. Could you please email me your reply. Picking up the baby Magpie was not the problem, it did not struggle at all and fortunately for me, knowing how hard Magpies can attack, I had put on a thick jacket and a reasonable hat. It is a great Magpie time over here in Gippsland as our resident Magpies have just had their babies and they are entertaining us most of the time! I don't have a problem with that at all :), We would miss our family of wild magpies as we interact with them every day :), Magpies are actually from the same family as the Butcher bird (. i get my new phone delivered tuesday ! Some years ago now a family of Magpie adopted our back garden as their home and over a period of time they learned to trust Oliversmum and me. it was sitting in a gum tree lol ..they were also being protective of it and feeding it etc.. when i got home from work it was still sitting in the same spot but today its moved back into the elm (well i think it's some kind of elm) so bumpy leg is finally a Mum again !! Even the Wattle birds like this particular delicacy. the father bird has been progressively violent with pushing one of them away when he came to my door to be fed. I too love magpies and have a family living right near me and we have been looking after each other for about ten or so years now. I would perhaps give the RSPCA a call if you are UK based? Speaking for myself and I'm sure our other Magpie Nutters would love to read your children's books about Magpies so let's know how it is progressing? I still hear magpies carolling in the morning and sporadically throughout the day. It all happened too long ago for me to remember the exact details but I do still believe that we came to the right conclusion! If you want to send me some images to share I can always post them onto this article? Thanks. :( .. yes there are babies i see and hear them them hopping about in the high high high canopy of a very unsuitable tree .. the previous two years they've barely made it out of the this year ? Peter (author) from Australia on October 30, 2015: Hi there @ashroc and thanks for sharing your Magpie story :). Do you think that we are feeding the same birds, or do you think this is a different family of magpies? Contains easy, practical and helpful information for each month of the year. He would love to share with you images and stories about Australian birds ! There is a huge gum tree in our neighbors backyard where this family had a nest last season. In the 20 metres or so that I had to walk from picking up the baby the Mum Magpie attacked me all of the way. Robbie Anne has sent in some of her photos with her cat Taeko and the Magpies see above in the main body. I will be interested to see if he returns. We have got ourselves a great little Magpie Nutters club here and the stories from all around Australia about our great Magpies are fantastic :). I hope I am doing the right thing when I give them the cheese. Peter has been a birdwatcher since he was a young lad. At least my team the Tigers got the monkey off the shoulder last year ! We occasionally feed them in winter when the weather is cold and windy and often wonder how they can survive the wet cold nights. Please :). Enjoy your long weekend (labour day Monday). Anyway, I have caught up on everyone stories and they are fantastic. You might think that payment for his industry would be a mate for life. So with a combination of these senses the magpie can feel the Worm moving through the ground with it's feet and by focusing its hearing can pinpoint the hole where the Worm is going to emerge from and with it's head cocked to one side can focus its 'eye' (like we do when aiming a camera )on the hole for it to plunge it's beak into the ground to grab the unsuspecting worm. Unfortunately I can't give you a definite answer on whether dad Magpie will return but I could offer a guess ? And since magpies can live between 25 and 30 years and are territorial, they can develop lifelong friendships with humans. It looks like your Miss Possy should be called Miss Bossy. a real character - will stay with me for some time and then off. i can only pray it doesn't happen again :). I have listed below some interesting facts about this bird: Over the years I have developed an affinity with Magpies and have a certain love of the way they live their lives. The original poem represented marriage and children so one magpie meant that someone was still single and lonely. In answer to your last question! In all my years of experience with Magpies I don't think that I can ever remember two Dad Magpies feeding the baby Maggies? I thought yes, it is my maggie family, plus a new baby. They are made from twigs and mud and aren’t the neatest looking structures. We copped a bit up here but my son said it was very very bad in Melbourne. I'm confused and missing my babies, and fairly sure they haven't been killed on the road. They build large, domed nests in thorny bushes or high up in tall trees. Luckily the maggies are smart enough to keep a safe distance from puss and I think puss is slooowly getting used to them being there....but he can never be trusted and I have to keep watch. There's a first time for everything. Only have to call his name and comes running across the yard for his feed. It's my opinion that as far as medical treatment for Magpies go I am no expert and would much prefer to have them in the hands of a Professional in the field! Well we can't wait to hear what your Magpie friends have got up to and would love to see the images ? ... Do platypuses mate for life? I know it is breading season, could their absence be because they are looking after their new babies? From my experience with Magpies I would suggest that they are very similar to Human families in that 'generally' there is only one 'alpha' male ! hooray ! The strip of grass has ten gum trees which is where the magpies live and they are all going to be cut down for the road extensions. If this is what has happened, don't dispair and as the old saying goes "Don't get made get even" and fight fire with fire lol ( well not exactly fire). The female initiates the pair bond by begging for food from the male, which begins courtship feeding. The young female has been missing joining the others for breakfast for the past 3 days and I was wondering if they have forced her to move to another flock as she is now an adult and if she stayed and was to breed it would further weaken the gene pool? 0 0. Nuts , chopped up dog food pellets which they love, water melon I’ve just discovered and they forage, drink and bathe in my bird friendly yard. Then all four stood vigil for a few seconds and one by one flew off.' That's beautiful missmvpinetree. The female got so used to being fed that oneday it walked into my lounge room to my surprise giving me that stare of "well are you going to feed me?". 2) He may have realised that his female companion Magpie is no longer 'around' and is off looking for another 'mate'! However the Magpie chicks are quick learners and it should only be a couple of days before they are taking short flights ! And sorry about that little one that had fallen from the nest. I live on a property and there are no busy roads around my property, so it is very unlikely that they have been hit by a car. and @ agvulpes soon ! I have a biased affection for our Black and White feathered friends,being a pies supporter. :), It took quite some time for me to come to terms with that incident :(. Our whole family has been devastated by the accident, but dad (magpie) has not returned. Many times I have watched Magpies take multiple baths and then 'preen' themselves, it's my opinion that this is how they look after their personal hygiene :), If you come up with any other possibilities drop by and let us know. It's only the two of them, and they come every afternoon for dinner. I still have one baby .. so there's a little family of four. Xx. What a predicament :), I'm glad you cleared that up for me, I'm really sorry if I offended you with my comment :). There was no way that this bird could ever live in the wild and the decision was made to humanely euthanize the baby magpie. Your last comment is heartening, you may still have a Magpie family. I have a family of 5 Magpies - Grannie, an Alpha Male, a younger male, his Sister and an 18 month old Female who got all of her black adult plumage about 3 months ago. How intelligent are jackdaws? It's terrible and effects me greatly. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. and i've read that the adults only feed them for four weeks then mostly ignore them ? Wow, what a wonderful experience .... How amazing is that. He'll help protect the … Peter (author) from Australia on March 09, 2015: @belcaesar wow you do have quite collection of 'animals' on your property ! Very saddened to hear of any bird being 'killed', especially losing the Matriarch of the family and I understand just how traumatic this must have been for you and your family. If not let me know! In the Spotlight Australian Native Birds - Australian Magpie Facts and Myths! Birds of a feather flock together. Peter (author) from Australia on July 19, 2015: @missmypinetree nice to read your update! btw: If you have have any pictures relating to your Magpies and would like them included in the article for people to see by all means submit them to me via email attachments. It is a lovely feeling when the Magpies come and have a chat with you and treat you like a friend, they seem to be the only birds that have this trait :), Ron thanks for sharing your Magpie anecdote with us and please if your Magpie does have a family feel free to drop in and keep us informed :). Thank you Peter, you are right, magpies are so resilient. You could try mixing up the recipe mentioned above, Magpies really love it? I did actually want the Magpies to win that Grand Final. In a sporting sense the most famous (arguably) and hated (without question lol ) football team in Australia is Collingwood and they are called the Magpies due to their black and white colored jumpers. In the mornings I go out and call them and they both fly down for their food. Occasionally, magpies prey on larger animals such as young rabbits. Magpies are renowned for being very territorial and it is my opinion that if the birds were not nesting at the time of the trees being felled they would soon find a new home close to where they were located.

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