I love the warmth that marble brings. Your guys were kind, funny, and professional They felt like old friends when they were here. Who doesn’t love marble? People love real stone countertops. Yes, as I said in a previous post- there is etching in places. I have had marble countertops in my kitchens for the past fifteen years and I have never had an issue with staining of any kind, including from red wine. ;) We will use your company again because of the service that you and your team provided to us yesterday. Thankfully, we had so many designs to choose from. It is known for being far better about stains and etching and being far more, It is also very similar in appearance to a Calacutta marble being white with large grey veining, It is more expensive than some grades of marble and other countertop options, And having that marble slab in our kitchen is as beautiful as I imagined it would be, Which brings me to our next kitchen project…, See you soon for a fun post sharing a little bit about moi tomorrow. It’s honed which hides the etching. The counter tops are beautiful and I am envious!!! found blackberry juice sitting all over the marble, change in the kitchen changed the whole look here, 7 easy and delicious dishes to enjoy this weekend », « Haven Conference & a little about blogging, How to create an inspired holiday table setting, French Country Fridays- Christmas Lights at Night, 12 Trees of Christmas- A Very Merry Vintage Christmas. I drooled and loved those counters every. Marble can have a scary reputation that I don't agree with. And I love the way this Alabama white has some warm specks, warm veining going through it. I am glad you stuck to your guns and chose marble. Marble is crystallized limestone, and it can be polished to a mirror finish to bring out the color of the stone. I did not use marble in my new house, but you bet I’m going to try to find a place for a marble slab somewhere in the future…I just love it! i adore your counter tops. Required fields are marked *. So when I found a kitchen island at a clearance center that was discounted almost 90% I couldn’t pass it up. Marble is one of the few materials that continue to look better with age. Especially because my husband is very messy. I was trying to lighten up the room, and the whitewashed wall was already a gray color as well. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Back when I was dreaming up the ideas for giving this cottage kitchen a makeover…. Every quarry is different, but it’s possible to cut certain … Something that felt rich in history and character while adding another layer of beauty. I highly recommend The Countertop Shop! sorry. I organized a little gallery of the tools I always love to use! We got Carrara marble, which is the least expensive and often the most heavily gray-veined marble. Amy patiently worked with us as we were under a huge time constraint. Your kitchen looks lovely! Last week my husband and I bought our first house, and it’s a real fixer-upper! They both love it. oh i’m having such a hard time knowing what to do!!!!! But we don't expect or want perfection. I did go with marble in my bathrooms. Surprisingly, marble and quartz prices can be almost the same these days, although certain marbles can be quite expensive. i do a lot at my counter. is your marble counter a place you’d sit and work at or just pick another spot in the house? But one not so obvious idea is temporarily changing your countertops. How to Restore Marble Countertops. Lovely choices you've made. To adding those chandeliers and wood floors. And my motto is — if you can’t say something POSITIVE keep your opinion to yourself! They were fast and very efficient. Marble has over 20 years experience as one of the countries largest fabricators and installers of natural stone, including granite, marble, quartz and much more. But my kitchen countertop takes more abuse. And yes, there was a bat in the house in the first couple of weeks-  I will share more about that soon. My master bath has marble counters & flooring. It is softer than most natural stone countertop materials, but it will still meet the demands of your space. Beautiful showroom, friendly staff, lots of product choices! Way more than we could have imagined it would be. Article by Petite Haus | Design Inspiration. Marble is a naturally beautiful stone countertop option. The measuring and installation went smoothly and much more quickly than I expected. It is softer and far more porous and like you said, it really only stays factory “perfect” for mere minutes. single. ), and I find myself wanting white marble countertops very badly. To be honest with you- it has held up beautifully. It has just enough veining to look like marble. Toledo Website Design by InfoStream Solutions, Endless choices of color, patterns, and styles. I am a crazy marble lady at this point. Thank you for your thorough communication and dedication to your job. Daily cleaning and maintenance of marble countertops are fairly easy. So glad to read about your experience with it and that you'd do it again. We are VERY careful, and well-meaning guests have done things like cut lemons, spilled vinegar, etc. I said exactly the same thing about marble being used in Europe for centuries. Carrara marble counters are amazing, and I love them in our kitchen. 200. The truth is, I love using marble and have never regretted putting in a kitchen. White granite, quartz, quartzite, and various types of marbles. I love the industrial look of concrete countertops once they are finished. And think about it…. January 2019. marble countertops in the kitchen, pros and cons of marble. Why I Chose Quartz Countertops Friday 9am-5pm Thanks for all of your help and expertise! I appreciate you. time I saw them. If you’re on a budget or don’t want to deal with getting countertops replaced, I recommend using the Giani paints and epoxy to paint a countertop to look like marble. Beautiful and basically bomb proof, which is what my busy kitchen needs! We are so very happy with it! If you’re looking to get marble countertops this will be perfect in areas of your house the get light use. which have left traces. Marble countertops are known for being a classic, timeless option. It was at the top of my bucket list. I love love marble and am having a hard time finding anything i like better. Sign Up to get ALL the latest from the blog, events and more delivered right to your inbox. Read on for some of the pros and cons of marble countertops, and to add your own advice: I’d love to hear your … From bringing it up to usable when we first moved in, To giving it a little bit of style with taking the broken cupboard doors off. Am I crazy? Why I have both and how they are doing 7 months into living with them. What I have had occur on all of my counters is etching from anything acidic, including citrus juice, tomatoes and even milk. Since this natural stone is so unique, no two slabs appear the same, so you’ll be assured of having a one of a kind countertop for your home. haha. I have wanted marble for my kitchen for over 25 years. I decided to go ahead and put in brand new marble countertops. Countertop Review! I seriously LOVE our new countertops, and I’m sooooo sooooooo thankful I came across Stone Coat Countertops on that fateful fall day. I just wasn’t sure how well the gray would look in my bathroom. I only spent a total of $21 for this project and I LOVE HOW IT TURNED OUT! And sealing. wait. I knew that marble was not going to be as simple upkeep as other options- but. It could help your home's value. ... Marble - Shop Marble Countertops, Granite Countertops and Vanity Tops. (They can scratch, it’s just hard to do). When I restored the 1905 Cottage’s kitchen I knew I wanted marble countertops. & Thurs. Do your countertops stain or etch? 2. I actually love cleaning my kitchen now! We are very pleased with the beautiful counter tops in our new Chiropractic office. Thank you for this! Marble countertops are perfect for offices, bathrooms, fireplaces, and other locations that don’t get heavy use. The veining, the character, the old world charm. I love my quartz countertops! I loved the look. I have been getting more and more questions about our countertops in our new kitchen. So glad to hear your update after 2yrs. and pretty sure that is a big must as marble is a porous stone. These large pieces are then further cut and refined into functional sizes appropriate for specific use as either slabs or smaller blocks. I love the countertops. I loved the veining. We offer the following edges for marble countertops: I highly recommend the Countertop Shop. Today I'm sharing with you how to do a marbled countertop on a budget! I will recommend your company if anyone has countertop needs. It's so beautiful! We had an amazing experience with the Countertop Shop. I loved the color of natural marble. It’s lovely to work on, and easy to clean. And the marble itself is so beautiful that any flaws are honestly difficult for anybody but us (who know it so well) to see. Love your IG and blog��. There are many quarries throughout the world and even more companies that provide natural stone slabs for use in countertops. The Giani Marble Countertop Paint Kit or paint products enclosed in the kit, along with the company’s awesome video tutorial, make the marble countertop look accessible to all. Carrara marble kitchen countertops are a classic choice for a timeless kitchen. Take veining patterns into account. Marble is Pretty Durability I absolutely love my marble and I don’t mind caring for something that I believe adds such unparalleled beauty to my home. However, marble is really a different animal – it has a certain delicate softness and classic elegance that is unlikely to go out of fashion. Beauty thrives in the details of your countertop. Why I love my marble countertops in the kitchen. I have marble countertops in my own kitchen at home and have recently used it in two client's kitchens who have six children a piece. It's not all bad, but when it comes to making an investment, we're all about transparency (ha, … This was very informative. After 2.5 Years, What I Love About Our Quartz Countertops: Because quartz is almost impossible to scratch, they still look new! So embracing that natural stone aging look is part of the love affair. Yay for being brave!! You can buy concrete stain in two different forms. I went with a high grade of quartz that looks exactly like marble for my kitchen. 2.Marble counter tops look … We have marble countertops in our heavily used kitchen…for 15 years. I don’t baby the countertops or think twice about putting items down on the counter. I love marble too and many times have had to aggressively override contractors who try to talk me out of my vision! But the first room we started on renovating was the kitchen. And the bonus with a honed finish is that you don’t really see any etching, Which, since most of the time in the kitchen you are looking down at the counters- it. I wanted to congratulate you and your team on a job well done! Marble countertops are a bit more fickle than other options, being highly susceptible to staining and etching (from acidic substances), so vigilant care is required to maintain its beauty. And when we took out our tough as nails granite counters out, I blogged about how my husband decided to cook with red sauce and olive oil…, And I even shared about that time when all my big kids were home and I was so excited, and I made them protein and berry pancakes… and in the middle of the laughter filled morning-. The installers were great and I LOVE my countertops with my full back splash! *I partnered with Arizona Tile- but this post is not sponsored. Finish your marble countertop with an attractive edge that will complete your look. That’s way less than brand new countertops, let alone actual MARBLE countertops, and I love that I had so much control over the overall look. I worried everything would look washed out and, well, gray. Thankfully, my countertop fabricator recommended an excellent sealer. Unlike granite, marble is a metamorphic rock, which is formed when limestone undergoes tremendous heat and pressure. I just love the look and feel like it brings a sense of history  and has such a wonderful presence. And for sure, you will love it, too! It is that time of year when renovations are in full swing and so many questions popping up here again so I am answering a few  of your most asked questions about marble counters- with 2 years of living, cooking and enjoying them  under my belt. After living with them for a year, I have no regrets. The elegant appearance makes marble a high demand amongst consumers. My first visit they were friendly and helpful without making me feel pressured to buy. & Wed. 9am-7pm This stone ages beautifully to lend a unique look to your home. I went with honed as well. Thanks again! Showroom Hours: I love my countertop! With Rory, our lives are messier than ever and I didn’t want to spend a boatload on new marble countertops only to have them stain right away. Refinish Countertops Laminate Countertops Marble Countertops Marble Slabs Kitchen Themes Kitchen Decor Rustic Kitchen Kitchen Ideas Kitchens. Very professional team from sales, measurements, and installation. scrapbooking, writing, etc. Take it from me, mom of 4 over here. A few major reasons to consider marble include: 1.Natural marble counters often contribute to higher re-sale value. Pros: Super budget friendly to get high end results. Truth is, I like what I like and what I like is what I go with. Why do you love marble counters so much- even with the upkeep? So quartz works out better for us. Turned out to be one of the best parts of our kitchen remodel. The office looks amazing! We chose discount quartz countertops, called Statuario Roma, in Lakeside Surfaces’ budget marbles . The igneous stone is available in a large variety of colors from solid white to solid back and anything in between such as rose, yellow, gray, and green. What is it, you ask? And yes, as long as you seal it- I think you would be totally fine doing any work at it. Or a Craftsman kitchen. Well done, Scott. In a time when marble is everywhere seriously, it's even on our walls it's normal to want to hop onto a slab of nature's finest and never let go, especially when you start crunching the numbers (it's affordable!). And while I love the look of marble, I was pretty certain that I didn’t want marble countertops in our new kitchen. thank you for all of your great articles and tips!!! My eyes are always drawn to the beautiful flowers and of course your old hutch, so perhaps a bit of paint and marble?Honestly there is a book here, the story of your house, a pumpkin turned into a beautiful and welcoming carriage, ok, a home:).Kathleen in Az. YOU CAN SHOP MY FAVORITE TOOLS HERE ! Dust the surface with a soft cloth and use either plain water or a mild soap when wiping the counter down. that was a really vague question. Your email address will not be published. one little question – you say it is “honed” – does it still have a little bit of sheen? She gave us direction on color choice, advised us in the designing of our custom made reception area and nutrition bar, and gave us reliable resources to help us complete our overall project. Many homeowners love the etching and blending that happen to marble countertops over time. This softness, combined with its smooth, veiny look adds to marble’s elegance and subtle, classic beauty. Adhesive Film in grey marble. can marble handle that? They are hard workers and very respectful. Beautiful, Natural Stone. The Benefits of Marble Countertops. My husband loves the modern look of large veining and I love the look of traditional marble. After a year and a half of living with marble, I find it elegant, cool, and bright. of use. Mon. Rather than write a thesis-length answer these questions ;), I thought I’d share my top 5 tips for caring for marble countertops in the kitchen. Tue. And I cannot urge you enough to SEAL YOUR MARBLE. 9am-5:30pm I also don’t have a problem with the life becoming part of the story behind a material. We started with cleaning. it's so very good of you to provide feedback after 2 years of use, ty ~ so helpful! Cons: Definitely learned the cons after using the countertop for a while. Marble is predominantly made of calcite, which is a softer mineral. I am like you and no other material would do for our 5'x7' island. Is it nothing but one big huge etch? Danby marble is actually an American marble-from Vermont. They were helpful but not pushy. I am so glad you mentioned this, it can be intimidating. I am going to be sharing my honest 100% opinion on my Carrara Marble Countertops and my butcher block counters. We chose red Caunes marble, because we live just a few miles from the Caunes-Minervois quarry in the south of France. We are putting in a new kitchen (watch this space for lots on the IKEA cabinet planning process! As you will see from the video, our house is kid friendly and our kitchen is much used… and we LOVE our marble kitchen counters. No staining and trust me there have been plenty of parties!! When it's finally renovated one day, it will be my choice still. I’m reading everything you’ve written about your marble countertops. He doesn’t realize when he’s spilled things. Is it yellow and purple and red from staining? 🙂, […] There you will find 2640 more Infos: frenchcountrycottage.net/2017/04/why-i-love-beautiful-marble-countertops.html […], […] Read More on that Topic: frenchcountrycottage.net/2017/04/why-i-love-beautiful-marble-countertops.html […], Your email address will not be published. Marble countertops are perfect for offices, bathrooms, fireplaces, and other locations … I do a lot of different projects and photography on the island. Marble is a naturally beautiful stone countertop option. We enjoyed having them. But I wanted it to be, a timeless space. Alot of hard work to make your kitchen french country and it's gorgeous. The Traits of Marble Countertops . Plenty of people use marble in all styles and designs of homes! “It’s a status material and … The template and installation process was flawless. in Europe they have enjoyed natural marble for years and years and enjoyed and appreciated how that marble has aged. There was just a wonderful old vintage charm. I love the warmth that marble brings. The thing with marble is you have to appreciate the character it will develop over time. The Countertop Shop did the granite in our kitchen redo- it is beyond what we could have imagined/ The entire process was simple. Sulking is good!! More importantly, is it a choice I would make again after living with it for 2 years? Lordy but there are so many self- righteous people out there trying to be “helpful”. To set the record straight, I love white marble countertops a lot. It is full of charm and character in … Huge, quality selection in many price ranges. When I get to have my special kitchen marble is my choice ,thank you, i just figured out how to get my post to publish:). Entire staff from showroom to installers were helpful and professional. I had the fears! it’s hard to tell in pictures. but every different type of slab of marble won over the other materials for us. Saturday 9am-2pm. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ace718c9199a6bcbf4599d8b100754c7" );document.getElementById("b96f7299ba").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. They are as timeless as they are modern and there aren’t too many materials out there that can make that boast. Granite, marble, and soapstone are quarried from the earth in large solid blocks. They are simply beautiful, and their imperfection makes them look loved and lived in. I have honed tumbled marble on my floors in my kitchen, entry and powder room and honed Calcutta marble in … Yes, I know we bought an old rundown cottage. → See how to clean marble: How To Clean Marble Countertops. I have since put it in 2 bathrooms and who knows what I might marble next. But I would tell you that I sealed the counters twice immediately upon them being put in-. Love our new granite countertop! And they were all beautiful options- I don’t think you can go wrong. The number of naysayers and "you'll be sorry" was ridiculous. Some etching but whadya gonna do? I believe you need to understand first and foremost that marble is NOT granite or manufactured quartz. If you're going into a kitchen reno, though, you should know that marble's pretty exterior is hiding a few dirty secrets. I love it! If you have an unlimited budget and enjoy the finer things in life, be sure to check out marble countertops. Author & Photographer who believes in the power of patina, a good cup of coffee, and that a room isn't truly finished without a chandelier and a bouquet of fresh flowers. But it's not too busy. The smooth texture filled finish is absolutely gorgeous and very old world feeling. Well, the big 4 years in at the farmhouse and the island top is fab!! And I haven’t had it stain in 10 years. Aside from the fact that marble is a love, love, love- I knew that it was a perfect material for our vintage home. It is full of charm and character in how it looks and how it feels in a room. It does not have a sheen really- it is more like a very old marble with a matte finish. Marble is crystallized limestone, and it can be polished to a mirror finish to bring out the color of the stone. I have temporarily changed my fireplace tile, but it was my friend Jennifer Hagler from A Merry Mishap who first thought of this for kitchen counters. Compared with other surfaces, they're a … It is softer than most natural stone countertop materials, but it will still meet the demands of your space.

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